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PureEdge Zipp Wave Pix Sticks

Zipp Wave MIYO Pix Sticks creates distinctive compositions within any space, the slender curves of the Zipp Wave channels gracefully descend from a single, centered canopy using the customization of our MIYO (Make It Your Own) System, allowing you to be the lighting designer.

NeoRay Covera

Break free from form with our beautifully distinguished luminaire. Enjoy unmatched appearance and optical performance with the curved WaveStream™ panel featuring AccuAim™ optics arranged in exacting patterns to provide unparalleled brightness control and optimal distributions tailored to your application. Cooper’s LuxWire™ technology delivers low-voltage power through the same cables from which it is suspended, allowing the luminaire to float beautifully in space.

Oxygen VEER

The new Oxygen VEER dual mount pendant has an aged brass finish paired with a beautiful iced glass diffuser to create this statement piece pendant.

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